MUlti-agent RObotics Laboratory (MURO Lab)

This page includes some information about our robotic testbed(s) that is part of our murolab, which we are using to validate our coordination and motion planning algorithms


Our current robotic testbed is composed of 10 new turtlebot robots like this one in the picture

Students currently working or have worked on this testbed include postdoc Mike, graduate student Evan, visiting student Rokus, and undergrads Katherine, Randy, Matthew, and Daniel. Below you can see some pictures of these robots in the lab.

A previous version of this testbed developed is described here, together with the implementation of some motion coordination algorithms.


In its current implementation, the testbed is indoors. This means that:

    (a) Individual vehicles cannot rely on GPS for position and orientation information
    (b) Due to the small confines of the lab space, intervehicle wireless communication will essentially be all-to-all

Right now, we are currently using a central server and overhead camera to emulate a GPS-enabled environment with the new testbed as well, see below, an initial test of a localization algorithm:

Initial-Configuration Initial-Configuration

You can see a movie of an initial deployment here, using the overhead camera. Current work is being directed to make demonstrations more robust, agile, and interactive with users.